The Paintshop

About The Paintshop

Psyche River, JONAS LUND

The Paintshop is a real time collaborative painting tool offering you the possibility to sell your artworks and buy great pieces of art for very competitive prices.

All the painters share the same canvas. As you paint onto the canvas, you also see other people paint. The painting can at any time be signed by one of the painters, who then becomes the owner of the piece. When the painting is signed, the canvas is cleared for all the other painters, and another painting can be produced.

The signed painting is for sale in the gallery in an edition of one. When the painting is sold, it's shipped to the buyer printed on high quality canvas (40x50cm) and the money, minus production costs and gallery commission (50%), is transferred to the owner.

The price of each painting is calculated using the Paintshop Rank™ algorithm and updated daily.

The Paintshop, Jonas Lund, 2012